The Gaza Ministry of Health, affiliated with Hamas, reported on April 9 that since October 7, 33,360 people have been killed and 75,993 injured in Gaza.

In the past 24 hours alone, hospitals received the bodies of 153 individuals killed and treated 60 wounded.

The high number of bodies found is linked to the IDF's withdrawal from Khan Yunis, revealing previously unburied casualties.

Data from the Gaza Ministry of Health cannot be verified independently, and it does not specify how many casualties were militants.

The World Health Organization (WHO) cannot confirm the accuracy of the casualty data but a study published in January in the Lancet suggests it may be close to reality.

According to IDF reports, numerous militants are being killed daily in Gaza, totaling approximately 14,000 since the war's start. Hamas admits to about 6,000 of its fighters being killed.

The Gaza Ministry of Health does not distinguish between civilian and militant casualties and attributes all casualties to IDF actions, despite many being caused by terrorist organizations or unrelated reasons.