Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich will present two conditions at a meeting of the military-political cabinet to support the continuation of negotiations on a deal with Hamas.

According to information from the Israel Hayom newspaper, Smotrich demands a US promise not to interfere with the resumption of hostilities after a six-week ceasefire. Additionally, he insists on consent to carry out the operation in Rafah.

Another condition Smotrich will propose is blocking the free movement of Gazans from south to north.

If ministers support Smotrich's conditions, they will become mandatory for the government.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance held a lengthy discussion. They spoke privately for a while, with the Prime Minister's military secretary joining part of the time.

During the meeting, Smotrich called for a gathering of the military-political cabinet to discuss negotiations on the deal and the decision to withdraw troops from Khan Yunis. The meeting is scheduled for the evening of April 9.