Right-wing Likud activists are demanding the resignation of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

This demand stems from statements made by Gallant during a visit to the United States.

Media reports suggest that, among other things, Gallant contradicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's assertion that a date had been set for the commencement of a military operation in Rafah. During discussions with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the head of the Israeli defense ministry emphasized the need for "preparatory steps."

In response, right-wing Likud activists issued a public appeal calling for the immediate dismissal of the defense minister. They argue that Gallant is not adhering to Likud's principles and acts independently, disregarding the prime minister's directives, undermining Likud's values, embarrassing the coalition, and obstructing the implementation of its decisions.

The activists assert the necessity of promptly replacing Gallant as defense minister with someone who aligns more closely with Likud's values and the right-wing camp.