In Gaza, sources report intense clashes between IDF forces and Hamas militants near the Wadi Gaza Bridge, located northwest of Nuseirat in the central part of the strip.

There's also news of a significant number of refugees from Nuseirat, mainly seeking shelter in the southern areas of the sector.

On the night of April 11, the 162nd Division launched a ground operation in the central Gaza Strip. The IDF targeted numerous terrorist sites both above and below ground. This operation involves troops from the 401-1 Iqvot HaBarzel Armored Brigade, the 933rd Nahal Infantry Brigade, and the 215th Amud HaEsh Artillery Brigade.

Additionally, reports indicate the elimination of a terrorist emerging from a tunnel and the discovery of missile launchers. The IDF Navy also engaged various targets along the Gaza Strip's coastline.

It appears that the 162nd Division's objective is to neutralize the two remaining Hamas battalions in the central sector before commencing operations in Rafah, located in the southern sector, where four more Hamas battalions are stationed.