The Gaza Ministry of Health, which is affiliated with Hamas, reported on April 11 that since hostilities began on October 7, 33,545 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, with 76,094 sustaining injuries of varying severity.

Over the past 24 hours of fighting in Gaza, the Hamas Ministry of Health stated that hospitals received the bodies of 63 people killed and reported 45 wounded.

It's important to note that information from the Gaza Ministry of Health cannot be independently verified. The Hamas Ministry of Health does not specify how many of the casualties were militants from terrorist groups.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly stressed its inability to confirm or deny the accuracy of data provided by the Gaza Ministry of Health regarding casualties. However, in January, The Lancet published an analysis suggesting that the Gaza Ministry of Health's data may closely reflect reality.

According to IDF reports, dozens of militants from terrorist groups are eliminated daily in Gaza. Since the start of the war, the IDF estimates that approximately 14,000 militants and their commanders have been killed, while Hamas acknowledges the deaths of around 6,000 of its fighters.

Reports from the Gaza Ministry of Health do not distinguish between civilian and militant casualties, attributing all casualties to IDF actions. However, it's evident that many casualties occur due to actions by militants or other reasons unrelated to IDF operations in Gaza.