Kan Radio reports that Iran has initiated an attack on Israel by launching dozens of UAVs, with an estimated flight time of 7 to 9 hours. The primary targets appear to be military bases and other defense installations.

Simultaneously, an American official informed Al Jazeera that Iran is likely to escalate its offensive against Israel on the morning of April 14.

Israel’s War Cabinet and the expanded Security Cabinet convened at midnight to discuss potential responses.

The Logistics Command issued safety instructions in response to the drone threat:

"If you receive an alert about enemy aircraft intrusion, remember that the protective measures are the same as for a rocket attack: seek shelter in a protected room and stay there for at least 10 minutes unless a subsequent alert advises otherwise. If the aircraft changes location, new alerts will be issued for the affected areas. Note that, unlike missile attacks, an aircraft can move across different areas and may be intercepted by air defenses or explode away from its original location. You might receive an alert without hearing an explosion. Always follow the Home Front Command's instructions—they could save your life."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement: “Citizens of Israel, in recent years—and particularly in recent weeks—Israel has been bracing for a potential direct attack from Iran. Our defense systems are fully operational, and we are prepared for any scenario, both defensively and offensively. Israel is strong, the IDF is resilient, and our society is steadfast. We are grateful for the support from the United States, Great Britain, France, and many other nations. I have maintained a clear stance: we will retaliate against anyone who attacks us, and we will defend against any threats with calm and determination. I trust that you, the citizens of Israel, will remain calm. Please adhere to the Home Front's guidelines. Together, we will stand united, and with God’s help, we will overcome all adversaries.”

Additionally, the government aircraft, Wing of Zion, was scrambled to avoid potential attacks, according to Kan.