On the evening of Sunday, April 14, the Eilat mayor's office reported that the Qipa Yamit (C-Dome) sea-based missile defense system successfully intercepted an airborne target over the Red Sea.

The interception occurred at 9:45 PM local time. There were no sirens in Eilat or the surrounding area warning of any potential threat from UAV intrusion or rocket fire.

The IDF confirmed the interception of the airborne target in the Gulf of Eilat. The Kipa Yamit missile defense system was deployed from a Navy missile boat.

According to a statement from the army press service, the object was under surveillance and did not pose a threat to the residents of Eilat. Therefore, in line with established protocols, the early warning system was not activated.

The sea-based Iron Dome system is a maritime adaptation of its land-based counterpart. Its control system was developed by mPrest, and the Adir radar used by the Corvette was developed by ELTA. The Iron Dome is an integral part of the broader Israeli air defense system, alongside the Hetz and David's Sling missiles.