IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated during an evening briefing that Iran's target in the April 13 attack was military infrastructure, including the Nevatim airbase.

However, this objective was not achieved, as the base sustained minor damage that did not affect its operations.

"Last night, the Israeli Air Force, in collaboration with our strategic partners, successfully intercepted numerous air threats. Our forces scrambled to protect the airspace and intercepted drones and cruise missiles. Despite hundreds of missiles launched, only a few managed to breach Israeli territory, resulting in minor damage to the Nevatim airbase," Hagari explained.

"Iran and its allies have endangered the entire Middle East. Last night, Iran disrupted the airspace of regional countries, conducting 350 launches totaling approximately 60 tons of explosives," the IDF spokesman added.

Hagari also emphasized that the operation in the Gaza Strip is ongoing, with the primary focus currently on the central part of the strip. He announced plans to mobilize two reserve battalions in the coming days. "We remain committed to the safe return of the 133 individuals still held captive in the Gaza Strip. Their return is our moral obligation," he concluded.