Military correspondent Doron Kadosh from IDF radio station reports a significant development: the IDF is summoning two brigades of reservists for combat duty in the Gaza Strip, marking the first such call-up in recent months.

The units being called up are the 2nd Carmeli Infantry Brigade and the 679th Armored Brigade, both belonging to the Northern District. Up until now, they haven't been involved in combat operations in Gaza.

According to the IDF radio report, these brigades will be deployed to the central area of the Gaza Strip, with one of their key tasks being to facilitate the delivery of American humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians via sea routes.

Simultaneously, the 162nd Division's forces will be reassigned to other duties, likely indicating a forthcoming large-scale operation in Rafah, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

An insider source informed IDF Radio that Hamas's rejection of further negotiations regarding a "prisoner exchange" and ceasefire terms may expedite the start of the Rafah operation, possibly ahead of its initial schedule.