On the night of April 20, the IDF continued operations in the Gaza Strip. Only Gazan sources reported on the course of the military actions during the night.

The IDF struck targets in the sector's north, center, and south. The IDF's artillery and air force were notably more active in Gaza than they had been a week before.

The IDF artillery shelled targets in the northern part of the Strip. The troops targeted objectives in the southern part of Zeitoun, east of Gaza City.

The IDF air force attacked targets in Nuseirat and north of Nuseirat. The IAF also struck targets in Deir al-Balah. In addition, the IDF artillery shelled targets in Nuseirat.

In the south of the Strip, the IDF navy shelled targets west of Rafah, and the IAF attacked targets in Rafah, east of Rafah, and in the Al-Mawasi area in Khan Yunis.

The IDF has not commented on the military operations in Gaza on April 20.