According to The Daily Mail, the Shin Bet security agency fears that out of the 133 hostages held by the Hamas terror group, no more than 40 remain alive.

According to its source, Israel now has significantly more information about what is happening in the Gaza Strip than before October 7, 2023.

"The situation is completely different because we are there," said the source.

He stated that Hamas is trying to keep everything secret and will never release all the ­hostages and corpses.

"Negotiating is a lost cause. We cannot possibly negotiate dead bodies for the release of hundreds or thousands more terrorists," said another source.

The outlet also quotes Yehonatan Sabban, a representative of the ­Hostages and Missing Families Forum, who noted that the time is running out for the Israelis held in Gaza.

The Shin Bet spokesperson commented on the article, stating that this figure does not reflect reality and represents solely the journalist's opinion.