Thirty trucks carrying humanitarian aid from Jordan passed through the newly reopened Erez crossing into the Gaza Strip today. The Erez crossing had been closed since it was destroyed during the Hamas invasion on October 7.

The IDF announced that the Israeli government had ordered the opening of the Erez Crossing following US demands to do more to get aid into the Strip. The IDF, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, and the Crossing Points Authority were responsible for its operation.

According to the IDF statement, extensive infrastructure work was required to open the new crossing point. The process included renovating the terminal building, which had not previously been used for vehicle traffic, and constructing roads within the Gaza Strip and Israel. The modern infrastructure allows goods to be delivered directly to the northern areas of the Gaza Strip without posing a threat to Israeli communities in the region.

The Ministry of Defense's engineering and construction departments, the Gaza Brigade's engineering unit, and specialists from the Southern Military District's rear command prepared the Erez Crossing for opening.