On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day, the National Insurance Institute "Bituach Leumi" has released statistics regarding the number of Holocaust survivors in Israel.

According to the data, there are currently 131,666 Holocaust survivors in Israel who receive benefits from Bituach Leumi. Among them, 22.5% are over 90 years old.

Of these survivors, 70.7% receive care benefits, while 31.5% receive old-age benefits with a social supplement, providing support up to the subsistence level.

This figure exceeds the national average of 24% for individuals of similar age receiving a social supplement. Among the 131,666 survivors, 61.6% are women and 38.4% are men. Additionally, 37.3% of Holocaust survivors are married, and 22.5% (29,625 individuals) are 90 years old or older.

Furthermore, 41,459 Holocaust survivors have low incomes and therefore receive old-age benefits with a social supplement. Of these, 70.6% are single and 29.4% are married.

Additionally, 93,152 Holocaust survivors receive care benefits, with 60.2% of them (60,726 individuals) being women. Among those receiving care allowance, 26.5% (24,673 people) are 90 years or older. Furthermore, 22,907 individuals (24.6%) receive level 6 care allowance, entitling them to the highest number of care hours due to their severe health conditions.