In a joint operation, the Shin Bet and the Northern District Central Police Department arrested 22-year-old Mustafa Raami Tahaineh from Shfar'am. Tahaineh frequently visited Jenin and actively participated in terrorist activities against IDF soldiers.

According to the police press service, a collaborative investigation uncovered Tahaineh's involvement in various incidents.

In July 2023, he detonated explosive devices and hurled stones at soldiers. Additionally, he took part in the Shfaram riots in May 2021 during the anti-terrorism operation "Guardian of the Walls," targeting police officers.

Furthermore, Tahaineh shared supportive content for terrorism on social media platforms and provided information to terrorists regarding IDF actions in Jenin. The investigation revealed his ties to several groups in the Arab localities of Judea and Samaria, identifying himself as Palestinian rather than Israeli Arab. Additionally, evidence of Tahaineh's weapon use was discovered.

Prosecutors filed charges against Mustafa Raami Tahaineh in the Haifa District Court, accusing him of committing terrorist acts, transmitting information to the enemy during wartime, and other related offenses.