According to Kan-11, dozens of reservists from the Education Corps were mobilized by order of Tsav 8 to guard captured militants held in military prisons.

The report noted that the mobilized women had not undergone combat training and hadn't participated in reservist training for several years. They had never been mobilized to guard prisoners before.

The army promised the mobilized reservists a week-long course, after which they would be assigned to guard captured terrorists for a month.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit told Kan-11 that the Department of Prisons (Shabas) is responsible for the protection of terrorists after investigations are completed.

However, due to the large number of detained militants and the lack of space in Shabas-run prisons, "reserves are being sought within the army for the operational needs of the State of Israel."

The Spokesperson's Unit emphasized that both women and men are being considered for this mission.