A demonstration with thousands of participants is underway near the Knesset building in Jerusalem, demanding the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

On the morning of May 20, demonstrators blocked the First Highway multiple times. Police intercepted buses carrying members of the Achim LeNeshek (Brothers in Arms) movement at the Shoresh interchange. The protesters continued their journey to Jerusalem on foot.

At the Shaar HaGai interchange, protesters disrupted traffic, leading to the detention of 12 individuals.

Authorities seized fuel cans, tires, gloves, and boards from the demonstrators, suspecting plans to roll old cars onto the roadway and set them ablaze.

Law enforcement reported that some demonstrators resisted arrest, resulting in minor injuries to one officer.

By noon, seven detainees were brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court. Although police sought an extension of their detention, the court ordered their release with certain restrictions.

Separately, a 19-year-old ultra-Orthodox youth was apprehended by police at a petrol station near Jerusalem's entrance on suspicion of assaulting a 70-year-old man attending the protest.