Protesters block Begin Road in Tel Aviv

The protesters have lit a bonfire on the street, blocking traffic in both directions

Thousands gather for anti-government protest near Knesset

The protesters are demanding the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

'Palestinian flags and Keffiyehs': protest at Tel Aviv University for Nakba Day

Dozens of students participated in an event commemorating "Nakba Day" at Tel Aviv University.

'Their blood is on your hands': Scandals erupt at military cemetery ceremonies

The Remembrance Day ceremonies were marred by numerous incidents and shouting directed at ministers and deputies in attendance.

Tsav 9 activists block path of trucks carrying aid for Gaza near Hebron

Tsav 9 activists held a protest near the Tarkumiya checkpoint south of Hebron.

Eurovision 2024: Thousands participate in anti-Israel protests in Malmö

Not only were pro-Palestinian activists outside the Eurovision venue but also among the spectators.

Historic First: Haredi conscripts enlisted in Border Police MAGAV for mandatory service

For the first time in the history of the border police, ultra-religious conscripts began their military service in MAGAV.