Forces from the 98th, 99th, and 162nd Divisions, supported by the Israeli Air Force and Navy, continue ground operations in Gaza, targeting various areas of the Strip.

Units from the 98th Division are operating in the center of Jabalia in the northern Strip. Soldiers from the 7th and 460th Brigades, along with the Paratroopers Brigade, have eliminated dozens of terrorists over the past day. A significant amount of weapons has been discovered.

The 162nd Division continues operations in the Rafah area in the southern sector. Soldiers from the 401st Brigade, as well as the Givati and Nahal Brigades, are searching for Hamas tunnels and weapons depots.

Forces from the 99th Division are active in central Gaza. Several groups of terrorists were eliminated by these forces, with air support, over the past day.

Last evening, two rockets were launched from the Gaza City area towards Israeli territory, landing in open areas. During the night, an Israeli Air Force plane attacked the launch site from which the rockets were fired.