At a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Minister Gadi Eisenkot (Machane Mamlachti) stated that the operation in Rafah must continue.

“It is necessary to proceed with the operation in Rafah according to the planned scenario. We must bring the operation to completion and seek a deal for the release of the hostages from a position of strength,” Eisenkot emphasized.

“Hamas is regaining its strength. The war will endure for many years. Concluding a deal is a strategic necessity to organize the fronts of confrontation. I disagree that we have a choice: a deal or continuation of the war. We've already paused for 42 days, and even if we need to extend the pause, it doesn't mean the war will end,” stated Gadi Eisenkot.

It's worth noting that Gadi Eisenkot's youngest son, 25-year-old reserve sergeant Gal Meir Eizenkot, serving in the 699th battalion of the 551st brigade "Hitsei Ha-Esh," was killed on December 7, 2023, during the conflict in the Gaza Strip.