On May 30, Government Legal Adviser Gali Baharav Miara told High Court judges that she believes the government is trying to stop her from making sure that the ultra-religious appeal is handled correctly. She wants to check that the government is following the High Court's decisions to stop money going to religious schools and that it's not breaking these rules by giving them money anyway.

She also argued that the government's decision to use private counsel in conscription law cases should be reversed, as it extends to other organizations like the IDF and the Ministry of Education, bypassing their legal advisers.

Baharav Miara has accused the government of trying to limit the powers of legal advisers, including herself, which she sees as an unofficial implementation of judicial reform.

She stressed that the conscription law for ultra-religious young men and the issue of equal burden sharing are crucial for Israeli society, especially during wartime. The government's delay in conscripting Haredim while continuing to fund yeshivas is, according to her, an attempt to bypass the High Court's temporary decree.