Large swaths of forests and nature reserves in northern Israel have been ravaged by wildfires ignited by Hezbollah rockets and explosive drones. The fires raged across the region bordering Lebanon on Sunday and Monday, causing significant damage.

The Yehudiya nature reserve and a popular tourist trail along the Zavitan stream were especially hard-hit. Experts from the Department of Nature Reserves and Parks warn it could take years to restore the fire-ravaged forests.

Firefighters battled the blazes relentlessly. On Sunday, 15 fire crews and 6 firefighting aircraft tackled infernos erupting in the Golan Heights and other areas targeted by attacks from Lebanon.

Monday saw new fires erupt near Kiryat Shmona and the villages of Iftah and Eniam, consuming hundreds of acres of bushes and trees. The fire forced the closure of Highway 9977 between Kfar Giladi and Margaliot.

Meanwhile, scorching temperatures have gripped Israel, with the Golan Heights reaching a sweltering 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit). The Fire Department and Department of Nature and Parks have issued a strict ban on open fires due to the extreme fire risk. Firefighters remain on high alert as the dry conditions elevate the potential for further wildfires.