Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his associates are meeting with Likud lawmakers and ministers, urging them to support the deal with Hamas proposed by US President Joe Biden.

Netanyahu is specifically meeting with lawmakers who either object or are expected to object to the deal, according to Kan.

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet this week with MPs Tally Gotliv and Eli Dallal. Although the meeting with Dallal is officially about the conscription law, it is clear that the deal will also be discussed.

Netanyahu’s meetings with Knesset members suggest that he is concerned about a possible "putsch" within the faction.

If the deal is finalized, the vote for its approval will take place at a government meeting, not in the Knesset.

There is no unanimous opinion among Likud ministers regarding the deal. Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli stated at a conference in New York that the proposed deal is unacceptable.