The Machane Mamlachti party is expected to depart from the coalition by the end of this week, according to Kan.

While Machane Mamlachti has yet to make a final decision on leaving the coalition, the Knesset believes that if significant progress is not made in negotiations with Hamas by week's end, Gantz will follow through on his threat.

As a reminder, the ultimatum issued by Gantz to Netanyahu expires on June 8. The head of Machane Mamlachti has demanded that before this deadline, the coalition must develop and approve a plan for the continuation of the war acceptable to all factions and a program for universal military conscription or alternative service. Currently, there are no indications that these conditions will be met.

Transport Minister Miri Regev criticized Gantz and Eisenkot for their intention to leave the government, stating, "Now is not the time for political games."