In May of this year, the number of arson incidents in Samaria doubled compared to the previous year. Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, believes these arson attacks represent a particularly dangerous form of terrorism and insists that this trend must not be ignored.

According to the Samaria Regional Council, 40 deliberate arson fires were reported in the district in May, up from 21 in May of the previous year. This was reported by the Srugim publication on Thursday, June 6.

The arsonists appear to be selecting their targets strategically. For instance, in the Ar Kabir reserve in Samaria, an ancient tree over 700 years old has been targeted. The surrounding brush has been set on fire twice, with the flames reaching and nearly destroying the ancient tree.

Arson attacks have also been recorded in Nahal Shiloh, Yitzhar, Givat Itamar, and other locations. The regional council's safety department, which collaborates closely with the fire brigade, has 180 volunteers and 11 fire engines. So far, in just the first six days of June, eight arson attacks have already been reported.