The IDF Spokesperson's Unit reported that an Israeli Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operating over Lebanon was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. The UAV was damaged and crashed in Lebanon.

Shortly after, Hezbollah announced that it had shot down one of Israel's advanced Hermes 900 drones, the third such claim since the war in Gaza began.

The official report did not specify the type of UAV involved in the incident, which is currently under investigation. The Israeli Air Force will continue to operate in Lebanese airspace to fulfill its assigned missions.

On June 1, Israel lost another Hermes 900 drone over Lebanon.

The Hermes 900, manufactured by Elbit Systems, is an all-weather tactical UAV equipped with a satellite communication system, optical-electronic surveillance systems, radar for detecting moving targets, and a data exchange system that allows real-time image transmission to the control center. It is operated by a ground control point via satellite. Israel has been producing these UAVs since 2011 and continuously improving them.