Evgenia and Mikhail Kozlov, parents of Andrey Kozlov, who was rescued from Hamas captivity during the IDF special operation, told Channel 11 what their son had revealed regarding his conditions in captivity.

Evgenia Kozlova mentioned that her son experienced "things she would never speak about" but noted that Andrey, along with Almog Meir Jan and Shlomi Ziv, seemed to be held in better conditions compared to other hostages, as claimed by their captors.

Andrey told his parents that he was kept with his hands bound for two months. Initially, his hands were tied behind his back, and later, they were bound in front, which he considered a "gift," and he felt fortunate.

Andrey recounted that one of the guards was particularly brutal and psychologically unstable, alternating between torturing the captives and expressing affection towards them.

He also described a system of "punishments" in captivity, such as covering a "misbehaving hostage" with blankets in extreme heat and forbidding movement for several hours.

The parents reported that Andrey and other hostages were under constant psychological pressure. The guards would tell them that Israeli authorities were not interested in their release and would prefer to kill them to avoid any complications.

Mikhail, Andrey's father, added that the psychological terror was effective. When the rescue operation began and Israeli soldiers appeared, Andrey initially did not realize whether they were there to rescue or kill them.

Evgenia and Mikhail were in Russia when their son was freed and flew to Israel the next day.