On the night of June 16, the IDF continued its operations in the Gaza Strip. Information on the night’s combat actions came exclusively from sources within Gaza.

In northern Gaza, the IDF Air Force struck a building in the Al-Shati refugee camp, located in the western part of Gaza City.

In central Gaza, the IDF artillery targeted areas north of Nuseirat. Several buildings in the Al-Mughraqa area, north of Nuseirat, were demolished by the IDF.

In southern Gaza, the IDF artillery shelled targets east of Khan Younis and Rafah. The IDF Air Force attacked targets in the west and center of Rafa and carried out strikes on targets in the Tal al-Sultan area in western Rafah. The IDF artillery also shelled the center of Rafah.

Based on available data, the main combat actions are concentrated in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.