During a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reprimanded the Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, Yitzhak Wasserlauf, for his recent comments about political appointments. Wasserlauf had promised in an interview not to allow a political appointee as coordinator for the restoration of northern Israel.

"You will not threaten the head of government," Netanyahu said. "Ministers will not threaten the head of government!" He then left the meeting room in anger.

The conflict arose because Wasserlauf was not informed of Netanyahu's plan to appoint Vice Admiral (Reserves) Eliezer (Chayni) Marom as the coordinator for the north. Wasserlauf emphasized that a professional, not a political appointee, should be selected for the role.

At today's government meeting, Netanyahu is expected to announce Marom's appointment. Marom will be responsible for defending areas near the Lebanese border, coordinating with local councils, assisting evacuated populations, and working with the army command.

Additionally, Major General (Reserves) Yiftah Ron-Tal will be appointed head of the Tkuma Directorate, which assists settlements in the Otef Aza area and restores municipalities and local councils in the Gaza Strip affected by terrorist attacks. He will replace Brigadier General (Reserves) Moshe Edri.