On the morning of Tuesday, June 25, sources in Gaza reported that a strike in Gaza City killed Ismail Haniyeh's relatives.

According to various reports, Haniyeh's brother, sister, or both, and their relatives were among those killed.

The Gaza Ministry of Health, affiliated with Hamas, stated that over 20 people were killed in the strike on a house on the coast in Gaza City, which housed more than 100 people.

Previously, on April 4, 2024, an IDF strike killed eight close relatives of Ismail Haniyeh in a car in the Al-Shati camp in western Gaza City. These included five grandchildren and his three sons: Amir Haniyeh, commander of the Hamas militant wing, and Muhammad and Hazem Haniyeh, who were also Hamas militants. The children who died alongside the adults were Amal (Hazem’s daughter), Mona (Hazem’s daughter), Khalid (Amir’s son), and Razan (Amir’s daughter). Malak (Muhammad's daughter) later succumbed to her injuries.