Fires have broken out across northern Israel due to rocket attacks and explosive-laden drones launched from Lebanon. All nature reserves and national parks in the Golan Heights have been closed, and vacationers evacuated.

The Nature Reserves and Parks Authority is working to extinguish fires in forested areas, with several reserves under threat, including Gamla Nature Reserve, Nahal Dishon, Nahal Hazor, Nahal Dalton, Nahal Meshushim, Majrase, and Daliyot River.

Raya Shurki, Director General of the Nature Reserves and Parks Authority, noted that more than 50 employees are cooperating with fire services and the IDF to combat the fires in the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee.

As of July 1, over 4,000 acres of nature reserves, national parks, forests, and open spaces in Israel have burned. Nearly 49% of this damage has occurred in northern Israel, with 2,380 acres burned in the Golan Heights and 9,406 acres in the Upper Galilee.

For comparison, 4,200 acres of green spaces burned in the northern district in 2023, and around 2,471 acres in 2022.

These figures are current up to the end of June and do not include fires from this week.