On Sunday, July 7, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met with the commander of the 210th Division, Brigadier General Yair Palai, and other officers during a visit to Hermon.

Gallant emphasized to the commanders that the fighting on the northern front is independent of the situation in the Gaza Strip. "If we reach an agreement on the hostages, and I very much hope that this will happen, it does not oblige us to anything here unless, of course, a settlement is reached with Hezbollah. Even if an agreement is reached on a ceasefire in Gaza, we will continue to fight here and do everything necessary. This is the only way to achieve results," Gallant said.

The Defense Minister reported that since the beginning of the conflict, Hezbollah, along with other Palestinian groups in Lebanon, has lost 450 personnel, impacting its combat capability. Israel has eliminated 15 militants with the rank of brigadier general, three of whom commanded "divisions." According to Gallant, the terrorist group has lost 50% of its commanders and officers in southern Lebanon.