Israel to extend water supply agreement with Jordan for six months

On Thursday, May 16, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Eli Cohen extended the agreement with Jordan for only six months.

Islamist militants receiving weapons from Iran arrested in Jordan

The weapons were intended for Islamist groups aiming to destabilize Jordan through sabotage and terrorist activities.

Eager Lion military exercises involving 34 countries begin in Jordan

Involving 32 countries, these exercises aim to enhance regional cooperation among nations 'with common interests.'

Jordan rejects accepting Hamas leaders from Qatar

A senior Jordanian source said that Jordan would not, under any circumstances, accept Hamas leaders if they were forced to leave Qatar.

Leaders of France, Jordan, and Egypt call for Gaza ceasefire

"Violence, terror, and war will not pave the path to peace in the Middle East. Only the two-state solution holds the key", they said.

IDF confirms: UAV damaged building on military base in Eilat

"Following the announcement regarding a suspicious aerial target that fell in the area of the Gulf of Eilat overnight, the target fell at an IDF base in Eilat," the IDF said

Anti-Israeli protest in Amman: crowd calls for breaking agreements with Israel

The protesters are also advocating for the borders to be opened to Jordanian youth who wish to join the Palestinian resistance.