In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, heir to the Jordanian throne, criticized Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip, stating that Jordan is engaged in a significant diplomatic and political battle with Israel.

"It is mind-boggling that the entire world is failing to stop this tragedy. We are horrified that the international community cannot put an end to the carnage. The people of our region have lost faith in the international community, and with good reason," Prince Hussein said.

The prince argued that Israel is trying to portray October 7 as the beginning of the conflict: "But let's remember His Majesty's speeches over the past 25 years. He warned time after time that depriving the Palestinians of their rights would lead to an explosion in the region. And so it happened."

Prince Hussein added that Israel's actions since 2002 cast doubt on whether the country genuinely seeks peace. "The Israeli government is escalating the situation in the West Bank. This will lead to a regional war," he said.