The London-based monitoring group, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), is providing clarifications regarding a suspected IDF UAV strike on a Hezbollah vehicle in Lebanon.

Previously, Syrian sources reported targeted strikes near the border, indicating an airstrike on a vehicle in the Al Qusayr area near the Syrian-Lebanese border, with additional explosions heard in Damascus.

SOHR clarifies that the Israeli drone strike targeted a Hezbollah vehicle in the village of Al-Nahriya near Khosh al-Said in the Al Qusayr region, southwest of Homs, on the Syrian-Lebanese border, resulting in one casualty.

Simultaneously, explosions in Damascus coincided with Syrian air defense activity.

Further details are pending.

According to SOHR's report, on the evening of February 28, two Syrian Hezbollah militia fighters were killed, and six others wounded in an Israeli attack in the Sayyida Zainab area, south of Damascus.