According to the Arab News website, citing satellite imagery researchers from the City University of New York, the Israeli bombing inflicted more significant damage on Gaza than the Allied bombing did to Dresden in 1945.

The publication reports that Israeli strikes destroyed or damaged 75% of buildings in Gaza City. Five hospitals were destroyed, with only a third of them still functioning in some capacity. Of the 563 schools, 53 were completely destroyed, and 408 sustained partial damage. Additionally, over 60% of mosques now lie in ruins.

"The most intense destruction occurred in the first two to three months of the war. The scale of destruction is not comparable to anything we have studied before. Everything happened much faster and on a larger scale," the website quotes space imaging specialist Corey Sher.

According to Arab News, the US-British bombing raids in February 1945 destroyed about 60% of the buildings in Dresden. A total of 3,900 tons of bombs, including incendiary bombs, were dropped.

Dresden became a symbol of the senselessness of destruction, as its bombing in the last stage of the war held no particular military significance. Cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Essen, and Munich suffered far greater damage from air force strikes.

It is worth noting that approximately two months ago, the United Nations Satellite Center reported that Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip resulted in the destruction or damage of 88,868 buildings, accounting for 35% of all structures in the enclave.