Reuters, citing informed Syrian sources, reports that Israeli covert operations against weapons sites, arms supply routes, and high-ranking military officials associated with Iran have escalated amid heightened tensions with Hezbollah, Iran's main proxy in Lebanon.

Three unnamed sources stated that the airstrikes on June 2, resulting in the deaths of 18 individuals, including an IRGC adviser, targeted a hidden fortified weapons facility in the Aleppo area. This facility, reportedly owned by Hezbollah and functioning as a missile factory, was struck in an operation that killed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps military adviser Said Awiyar.

In May, an airstrike destroyed a convoy of trucks transporting missiles and missile components to Lebanon.

Following several confrontations, including the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, a significant Iranian missile strike on Israel, and Israel's retaliatory drone strike on Iranian targets, the conflict briefly subsided but has recently reignited.

The surge in covert operations is linked to the influx of Iranian weapons to Lebanon. Syrian sources suggest that Israeli forces are aiming to disrupt the supply chain between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria. These sources indicate that Israel's actions may signal preparations for a comprehensive conflict against Hezbollah in Lebanon once operations in the Gaza Strip conclude.