Le Monde: Secret negotiations between Niger and Iran for nuclear material supply

Niger is in negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the supply of 300 tons of "yellowcake" - uranium oxide, used as a raw material for nuclear weapons production.

N12: Abbas rejects Netanyahu's proposal for Rafah checkpoint control

The Palestinian leader responded that he was not willing to consider the initiative until a ceasefire was achieved.

Channel 7: Palestinians detonate bomb in Burqa and declare 'settler violence'

Terrorists from Burqa village detonated a powerful explosive device near residential buildings in Givat Harel village.

Al-Jazeera equipment seized from studio in Nazareth

Inspectors from the Ministry of Communications seized equipment at Al-Jazeera's Nazareth studio.

Fox News reports on Republican initiative to deport student protesters to Gaza

Republican congressmen introduced a bill suggesting that individuals guilty of illegal activities at American universities be expelled to the Gaza Strip.

Israeli government approves ban on Al Jazeera broadcasts

All cabinet members supported this initiative, although representatives of Machane Mamlachti were absent during the vote.

CBS News: talks with Hamas in Cairo yield no results

A new round of negotiations is anticipated today, May 5.