Nuclear Weapons

Le Monde: Secret negotiations between Niger and Iran for nuclear material supply

Niger is in negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the supply of 300 tons of "yellowcake" - uranium oxide, used as a raw material for nuclear weapons production.

Adviser to Khamenei suggests review of Iran's nuclear doctrine

Kamal Kharazi stated that Iran may alter its nuclear doctrine if Israel threatens the nation's existence.

NBC: Pentagon official warns congress of Russian nuclear threat in space

During his address, Plumb underscored the development of "indiscriminate" anti-satellite nuclear weapons that could endanger both military and civilian satellites.

Iran threatens to reconsider nuclear doctrine amid Israeli strike concerns

According to international experts, Iran is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons and could become a nuclear power soon if the appropriate decision is made.

IAEA: Iran temporarily closes nuclear facilities after attack on Israel

Grossi addressed concerns regarding the possibility of Israel targeting an Iranian nuclear site in retaliation for an unprecedented attack launched from Iranian soil.

Putin affirms Russia's nuclear readiness

"From a military-technical standpoint, we are undoubtedly prepared. Our forces remain on constant alert," Putin noted.