On December 24, Israeli President Isaac Herzog urged all Israelis, including politicians, to set aside disputes and disagreements. He emphasized that such divisions play into the hands of the enemy and jeopardize the safety of citizens.

Yitzhak Herzog addressed Israelis following the IDF's report of ten soldiers killed in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours.

"This is a challenging evening. Each time, our hearts ache with sorrow upon hearing the words: 'Approved for publication.' Behind every name lies an Israeli hero—a son, a spouse, a father, a brother, a grandson, a loved one. Our sons and daughters exhibit incredible courage as they fight. They make sacrifices in the narrow streets of Gaza, in mines, tunnels, and hazardous enemy territory. Their efforts are fraught with danger and difficulty. Yet, they achieve success, they yield results," stated the president.

Isaac Herzog emphasized the complexities and inevitability of the ongoing war. "However, on this arduous day, we cannot afford to falter; we must remain resolute. Our adversary hopes for our disunity, for the fractures between us to widen, for internal discord to prevail. They observe our conflicts, our ego-driven struggles, and political disputes over pre-war and post-war scenarios, taking pleasure each time we are divided by contradictions. That's why I urge you to heed the plea of the grieving families and the soldiers' request: let us set aside internal strife during this challenging war," urged the president.

The President urged Israelis not to revisit the divisive "October 6 debate" or engage in "spreading poison on social networks." Addressing the country's leadership and all individuals involved in the public and political sphere, he implored them to exhibit responsibility, emphasizing that it's crucial "for the soldiers at the front" if not for themselves.