UN meeting commences with a minute of silence for Iranian president at Russia's request

Today's UN Security Council session focuses on preventing an arms race in outer space.

Dubai real estate exposes money laundering, Hezbollah, and Russian Oligarchs

Dubbed "Dubai Unlocked," the document reveals that the emirate has become a hub for money laundering.

NBC: Pentagon official warns congress of Russian nuclear threat in space

During his address, Plumb underscored the development of "indiscriminate" anti-satellite nuclear weapons that could endanger both military and civilian satellites.

Protests erupt in Georgia over foreign agent law, opposition leader allegedly assaulted by police

Protesters erected barricades around the parliament, leading to hours-long confrontations with the police.

Iran reveals weapons used in attack on Israel, implications for Russia

The report underscores that the attack was a retaliatory measure following the IDF strike on Damascus on April 1.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh wants Russia to be guarantor for Gaza

The head of the political bureau of Hamas said that he would also like to see Egypt, Qatar, the UN, Turkey, and the United States among the guarantors of security for the Gaza Strip

Protests in Tbilisi over 'Foreign Agents' law, deputy Aleko Elisashvili arrested

On the evening of April 17, approximately 20,000 demonstrators gathered near the parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue.