Russian presidential envoy for the Middle East and African countries and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov met in Moscow with a Houthi delegation led by Ansar Allah spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam.

During the meeting, "the current escalation of the situation in the Red Sea" was discussed, according to TASS, citing the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Special attention was focused on the development of the situation in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as well as the current escalation in the Red Sea. In this context, they strongly condemned the United States and United Kingdom's ongoing strikes on Yemen in bypassing the United Nations Charter," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Moscow does not condemn the actions of Yemeni Houthi terrorists, who attack civilian ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and launch UAVs and cruise missiles towards Israel.

A week ago, Bogdanov received a delegation from Hamas in Moscow. The Russian authorities do not recognize this organization as a terrorist one.