IDF: no obstacles for residents' return to 18 villages near Gaza

From a security standpoint, the IDF sees no obstacles to the return home of residents from 18 settlements located within a 0-4 km radius from the Gaza Strip borders.

Sichat HaShavua: hostages must not be released at 'any cost'

Rabbi Menachem Brod advocates against yielding to those who insist on striking deals at any cost.

Netanyahu to meet with Lapid to discuss state security issues

On Wednesday, February 21, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold another meeting with opposition leader Yair Lapid.

Bill permitting closure of foreign media in Israel passes initial reading

The Knesset has approved a bill that aims to protect the security of the state from any harm caused by foreign media.

National Security Headquarters warns Israelis in India

Following an explosion near the Israeli embassy in India, the National Security Headquarters warned Israelis in the country of potential terrorist threats.