On Tuesday, December 26, the National Security Headquarters issued a warning to Israelis in India about the threat of terrorist attacks. The headquarters calls on Israelis to increase their vigilance in public places, and to be especially careful in Delhi.

Israelis are advised to refrain from visiting crowded places (shopping centers, markets), as well as places associated with Israel or Western countries. Increased vigilance is recommended in public places (including hotels, pubs, restaurants). Jewish symbols should not be displayed.

The warning was issued after an unknown person called the Delhi Police to report an explosion near the Israeli Embassy in Chanakyapuri, where the diplomatic cantonment is located.

An Israeli embassy spokesman confirmed that the sound of an explosion was heard.

“Yes, there really was an incident,” The Times of India quotes an embassy representative , “But we don’t know exactly what it was yet. The police and our security service are investigating”.

Israel's Foreign Ministry said no embassy staff were injured in the incident.

The Delhi police later reported finding a letter containing threats against the Israeli Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, near the site of the explosion.