The New York Post has published an editorial on the developments in and around the Gaza Strip. The editorial suggests that the increase in Israeli casualties results from a shift in tactics, moving from air strikes to slower ground advances. This strategic change aims to minimize losses among the Palestinian population, albeit at the cost of Israeli soldiers' lives.

Hamas itself acknowledges a two-thirds reduction in Palestinian casualties since the beginning of the war, yet the group appears indifferent to the overall suffering. Notably, Hamas has rejected an Israeli offer for a two-month ceasefire.

US President Joe Biden continues to advocate for the implementation of a Two-State Solution Plan and proposes transferring power in Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, despite concerns about its corruption and ineffectiveness.

In response to this, Hamas leader Khalid Meshal stated that the Oct. 7 massacre demonstrated the group's ability to dismantle Israel and establish Palestine from the river to the sea. Polls indicate a significant majority of Palestinians supporting the idea of Israel's destruction.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aligning with the prevailing sentiment among Israelis, rejects the two-state principle. The concern is that the establishment of a Palestinian state, where Hamas could assume power, might lead to new attacks similar to the events of October 7.