Former US President Donald Trump secured victory in the Republican caucuses in North Dakota, garnering support from over 84% of voters.

His primary contender, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, attained 14% of the vote.

Trump's triumph in North Dakota awarded him an additional 29 delegate votes, bringing his total to 271. Meanwhile, Haley has garnered support from 43 delegates thus far.

To secure the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate in the initial round of voting at the party's national convention scheduled for July 15-18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a candidate must amass 1,215 delegate votes.

Trump stands as the clear frontrunner in this election race.

On March 4, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Donald Trump's eligibility to run for president and participate in the 2024 primary elections.

This decision overturned the ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court, which had barred Trump from participating in local primaries due to the Capitol insurrection by his supporters in January 2021.

The insurrection aimed to overturn the election results and disrupt the Congressional certification of Joe Biden's victory. Subsequently, similar decisions were made in the states of Maine and Illinois.

Primary elections in Maine and Colorado are scheduled for March 5.