Western countries criticized the presidential elections in Russia, where opponents of President Vladimir Putin were barred from participating, and the current president allegedly received over 87% of the votes.

"The elections in Russia were neither free nor fair because Vladimir Putin jailed his opponents and prevented others from running against him," stated the White House.

The French Foreign Ministry also emphasized that the elections lacked freedom and democracy, occurring amidst escalating repression against civil society and opposition to the regime. Support was expressed for the bravery of Russians who peacefully protested against the elections.

The German Foreign Ministry labeled the elections as pseudo-democratic, noting the authoritarian nature of Putin's regime. They highlighted the illegality of holding elections in the occupied Ukrainian territories.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the elections as an illegitimate imitation, expressing certainty that Putin seeks perpetual rule.

"This man must be brought to justice in The Hague. This is our objective," stated the Ukrainian leader.

Despite criticism, several states were quick to congratulate Putin on his victory. These included China, India, Venezuela, North Korea, and Belarus. At present, the Israeli leadership has not issued a statement.