Former US President Donald Trump, aiming for a return to the White House, has repeatedly mentioned a peace plan to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, he has yet to share specifics of this plan.

According to the Washington Post, Trump is considering pressuring Ukraine to cede Crimea and Donbas to Russia. Experts in international relations warn that such a stance might embolden other aggressors.

This approach contradicts the current US administration's policy, which seeks to isolate Russia internationally and support Ukraine, including militarily, to counter the Russian regime.

Reportedly, Trump privately suggests finding a solution to satisfy both Russian and Ukrainian leadership. The Washington Post suggests this stance might explain why Republican lawmakers have stalled on approving new aid to Ukraine.

Trump has dismissed the Washington Post's report as 'fake.' His adviser Jason Miller stated that Trump, unlike Joe Biden, is committed to ending the conflict. The details of Trump's plan will be unveiled after the election.