Senator Elizabeth Warren, a prominent figure in the left wing of the US Democratic Party, recently attended an event hosted by the Islamic Center of Boston.

During the event, she was asked about her views on the actions of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the Gaza Strip, specifically whether she considered them to be genocide.

"In terms of legal definitions, there is evidence that classifies these actions as genocide," Warren responded. "But more importantly, I believe it's crucial to acknowledge that Israel is engaging in harmful behavior. It's unacceptable to deprive children of food or to bomb densely populated urban areas."

She continued, "We need to see the faces of the children, mothers, and elderly affected by these actions—those who have been turned into refugees and forced to drink contaminated water. We must also recognize that the Netanyahu government, responsible for these actions, receives support from the US administration."

It's worth noting that the International Court of Justice in The Hague is currently reviewing a claim filed by South Africa, accusing Israel of genocide. In a preliminary decision issued in January, Israel was instructed to take all necessary measures to avoid violating the genocide convention.