An investigation by the German television channel Tagesschau has uncovered how Hamas has been using aid intended to improve the lives of civilians in the Gaza Strip to construct and fortify a network of terrorist tunnels and manufacture missiles aimed at Israel.

According to the report, German officials and specialists who arrived in the Gaza Strip to provide aid unwittingly assisted Hamas in its military endeavors. Hamas repurposed sewage and irrigation infrastructure and their components to reinforce and modernize tunnels, while pipes were used to manufacture rockets.

The investigation reveals that German companies and organizations have been supplying construction materials, equipment, and machinery to the Gaza Strip for years to enhance civilian infrastructure.

During the investigation, journalists sought to determine whether German specialists, by sharing engineering information, knowledge, and projects for civilian infrastructure construction with Palestinians, inadvertently aided Hamas in tunnel construction. The findings suggest that while German specialists aimed to assist the civilian population of Gaza, they unintentionally supported Hamas.