The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University conducted a survey to gauge the political views of American youth. The survey included 2,010 respondents aged 18-29 years, forming a representative sample.

When asked about the conflict between Israel and Hamas, only 38% of respondents said they closely follow the news. However, among those planning to participate in the presidential elections, this figure rises to 52%.

Democrats tend to follow the news more closely than Republicans, and individuals with college degrees are more attentive than those without.

Regarding the Israeli response to the October 7 attack, 45% admitted they didn't know if it was justified. 32% considered Israel's actions unjustified, while only 21% supported Israel. Republican respondents showed stronger pro-Israel sentiment compared to Democrats.

A majority of young Americans (51%) support a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, while only 10% believe the IDF should continue its operation. There's no significant difference between party affiliations on this issue.

The survey also found that younger Americans are more likely to support President Joe Biden, with an 8% lead over Donald Trump. Among likely voters, Biden's lead extends to 19%. Additionally, 53% of respondents stated they will definitely vote in the upcoming elections.

Regarding other issues, 53% perceive the situation with migrants at the southern US border as a crisis. Only 9% believe the country is heading in the right direction. Furthermore, 33% support the administration’s policy on Ukraine, while only 18% approve of its stance on Israel.